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K9 Search and Rescue

Upper Township Rescue is fortunate to have a very talanted K9 SAR team.

The K9 Team

The team consists of John Van Epps and his dog, Solistice. John has been working with K9's since 1971 and began training specifically for Search and Rescue in 1981. Currently John and Solstice are classified as a NIMS Type-2 K9 Team. The team is kept in top shape by training at least twice a week and sometimes up to four times a week.

Solistice is a 4 year old female who specializes in Tracking & Trailing, finding missing persons and to locate human remains.
SAR dogs help to locate:
  • Children lost in the wilderness, parks or hidden in shrubbery around houses Elderly persons and/or alzheimers patients who may have wandered away from homes or hospitals Hikers and hunters lost in the woods
  • Victims of avalanche. earthquakes, floods, explosions and/or bombs, fires, aircraft crashes, tornadoes as well as other disasters

In loving memory February 1, 1994 - February 1, 2007

To view a memorial for Morrighan, please click here.

John and his team are available for group demonstrations. For more information about a demonstration please contact John directy at john.vanepps@upperrescue.com
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