Firefighter Rehabilitation

     Upper Township Rescue provides firefighter rehabilitation for Marmora, Seaville, and Tuckahoe Fire as well as surrounding mutual aid fire companies. This service is avaliable for fire scenes as well as extended operations including but not limited to motor vehicle collisions, search and rescue, hazmat incidents, and planned events.

     Our rehab vehicle, 21-5 is an International truck specially equipped with a power take off generator for scene lighting and general electrical needs, canopy shelters with avaliable heating, cooling/misting fans, field hospital cots, addittional seating, ice chests, bottled water and spports drinks, firefighter decon wipes, and a full compliment of basic life support medical equipment.


     The job of our fire scene rehabilitation team is to provide immediate on scene medical attention for firefighters and other emergency personnel. This includes re-hydration, cooling or heating to treat hyper or hypothermia, and monitoring the physical and mental well-being of emergency responders. In extreme circumstances, this resource is also serviceable as a casualty collection and treatment point.