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Run/Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness

The volunteer members of the Upper Township Rescue Squad alongside the employees of Upper Township EMS are proud to announce that the annual Squad 21 Walk/Run for Breast Cancer Awareness is BACK!  All funds raised as a result of this campaign will benefit local cancer patients. 

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For the entire month of October, participating members will be logging their distance walked/run via an activity/fitness tracker of their choice.

In return, a participating sponsor will agree to donate a certain amount of money (minimum of $5) for every mile logged by their sponsored member.

At the end of October, all donations will be delivered to AtlantiCare Cancer Center's Treasure the Moment Fund, providing financial assistance to cancer patients. 

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Sponsors agree to donate a minimum of $5 per mile logged by their sponsored participant between Oct. 1 and Oct. 31

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Each member participating in the Walk/Run for Breast Cancer will have to find their own sponsor(s). A sponsor will be responsible for donating a minimum of $5 per mile that a member completes from October 1 through October 31. If a member completes at least one mile every single day of October, the sponsor will also donate an additional $20 on top of the "per mile donation" rate. The maximum a sponsor would have to pay is $300. Anything greater would be appreciated, but not required.


Sponsor donations will be due by November 6th. Checks can be written out to "Upper Twp Rescue Squad" with the memo “Breast Cancer Walk/Run.” The Upper Twp Rescue Squad will then deliver one bulk donation to AtlantiCare's Treasure the Moment Fund by November 30th.


Each member will keep a record of their mile(s) and report them on the mornings of October 10, 20, 30, and November 1. Each member is requested to keep their records till December 1st in case there are discrepancies.


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